How to Play up Pale Skin in the Winter

Your skin needs special care during winter weather when conditions are harsh, especially in the areas that experience dry winters. However, if you have pale skin which looks washed out during spring and summer, winter is your time to glow and bring your luminous skin into focus. All you need to do to highlight your pale skin during the winters is wear appropriate makeup.

Things Required:

– Rich moisturizer
– SPF sunblock for daytime
– Medium- to full-coverage foundation
– A branded makeup kit


  • 1

    Use moisturizer that suits your skin type

    Skin gets dry and flaky during winter months. If not treated timely and properly, your skin may get irritated and develop redness. Use a suitable moisturiser to keep your skin fresh and moist during dry winters, and if required you can also increase the strength of your moisturiser. Also, don’t forget to apply a generous amount of sunscreen when going out in the sun.

  • 2

    Showcase your pale complexion

    Do not apply too much foundation to hide your real complexion, especially if you have a close to perfect skin, with negligible unevenness and discolouration. Damp a makeup sponge and apply a thin layer of foundation before blending it evenly.

  • 3

    Contrast vibrant colours over your face

    Contrast winter-perfect vivid shades of your choice, like raspberry or dark purple, on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Do not fear that these high pigment, colour rich shades will look too harsh; you can easily blend any shade using a slightly damp makeup sponge. If you are super conscious, apply shades from the same colour family on eyes, cheeks and lips.

  • 4

    Apply more blush than normal

    Even if you don’t have pink cheeks, you can give your face a rosy touch by applying more than usual blush on your cheeks. However, make sure that you apply the blush sparingly. You don’t need to use a vivid winter shade of blush; rather go for the one that matches your natural skin. It will make you a look like you just came back from a walk in the cold. Wipe off obvious lines, if any, using a slightly damp sponge.

  • 5

    Apply shimmer highlighter to enhance your features

    Apply a thin, even layer of shimmer highlighter (silver or gold) to make the high points on your face prominent. Highlighter will not only give your skin a natural glow, but will also define your bone structure. Blend the shimmer using a sponge so that it does not seem to be sitting on your face.

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