Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Is your skin very sensitive and does it rejects all the skin care products that you use? Do not worry because there are skincare products specially manufactured for sensitive skin types.


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    SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex:

    If your skin is very sensitive and tends to get red, SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex is the best product for you. The $80 sensitive skin care product is non-comedogenic which means it does not plug skin pores and avoids skin breakouts.

    It avoids ultraviolet induced skin redness and also gets rid of chronic redness in just one week.

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    Burt's Bees Sensitive Eye Cream:

    It is a top notch skin care product if the skin around your eyes is sensitive. It does not cause redness or irritation in the eyes. It is a fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic and allergy-tested skin care product.

    You can use this eye cream every day to avoid dark circles around the eyes.

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    Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60+:

    This hypoallergenic sunscreen will provide broad spectrum UV-A and UV-B protection to your sensitive skin. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two active components known for their radiation blocking properties.

    You can use this product everyday because it will not cause skin breakouts or allergy.

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    Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen in Sensitive:

    It is a water resistant sunblock which utilises transparent zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In case your skin is sensitive to sun rays, this is just the right product to use before you step out for your everyday chores.

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    Eau Thermale Avène Skin Recovery Cream:

    The major active ingredient used in Eau Thermale Avène Skin Recovery Cream is 67% Avene Thermal Spring Water which is known for its soothing properties. This product will quickly calm irritation and restores natural defence mechanisms of your sensitive skin.

    This cream is also hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic so that you can use it without worrying about an allergic reaction or blocked skin pores.

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    Klorane Soothing Make-up Remover Lotion:

    Removing your make up may be a very difficult thing to do if your skin is sensitive. Klorane Soothing Make-up Remover Lotion is the best product for you if that is the case.

    It will not disturb your skin’s moisture balance. The cornflower water which is an active ingredient not only helps in reducing puffiness around the eyes but also soothes your skin.

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