How to Remove Paint from Your Skin

Painting is an involved process which gives the floors, roofs, walls, fences or literally anything a new and attractive look. However, this process is messy and requires caution when applying.

People nowadays prefer working even painting on their own instead of paying others to do their job. With the presence of internet in every house, people can learn how to perform different activities. However, with people painting their houses or any other material themselves, there is a high probability they get paint on their skin. The removal process may require strong chemicals such as paint thinner or turpentine but you can also remove paint from items found in your house.


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    Baby oil method

    First of all you need to wash your hands properly with soap and water. Then soak the cotton wall or the face towel into baby oil. Rub it on the part of the skin intact with paint. Repeat the process until the paint is removed. In the end you need to simply wash with soap and water again. Apply skin moisturizer on the area to replenish the skin.

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    Vegetable oil and salt method

    First dip a piece of cloth in the vegetable oil and then rub over the area of the skin where paint has fallen. Add salt on the skin and then scrub to remove the paint. In the end wash it with soap and water or simply take a shower. Remember that olive oil can be used instead of vegetable oil for this method.

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    Mayonnaise method

    Squirt mayonnaise on the painted area of the skin and then rub. Leave the mayonnaise on that area for few minutes and then wash.

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    Turpentine oil method

    First you need to wash your hands. Then soak a piece of cloth in turpentine and rub it over the area where paint has fallen. Repeat the process until all paint has been removed. In the end wash your hands again and apply moisturiser as this method leaves your skin dry. Remember that you can use Vicks VapoRub instead of turpentine oil.

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