How to Get Rid of Burn Scars

Burn scars are usually more severe than other wounds scars and have more chances to leave deep marks on the affected area. Fire or extreme heat burns the skin tissues and the skin from the burnt area disappears as new tissues later replace it. However, these new tissues are generally different in texture and tone from the rest of the skin tissues thus makes the burnt area look distinctive even years after healing. Burns can be of first degree, which does not probably leave a scar if treated well and only causes temporary redness and inflammation. Second-degree burns are more painful, causing blisters with redness causing scar to appear. Anyhow, these scars can be avoided by proper treatment. Third degree burns are severe as multiple epidermal layers are lost and they will leave scars, which are hardly curable without surgery or laser treatment. This comprehensive guide contains some useful ways to get rid of first and second-degree burn scars.


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    Natural ways to get rid of burn scars
    You can get rid of your burn scars naturally without incurring too much cost. These ways might take time to bring results but will help you to lighten your burn scars and remove them eventually for sure.

    Keep your Skin Hydrated

    Water helps in removal of toxins from the blood and enhances the functioning of our immune system. You should drink plenty of water to keep your body and epidermis fully hydrated in order to speed up the recovery of your wound as well as to make your burn scar lighter.

    Take Vitamin C and E

    You should take more fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin E and C as these vitamins are helpful for the regeneration of healthy skin over the wounds. Eat citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and lime as they contain Vitamin C, which helps to maintain the balance in the formation and exhibition of oxygen ions and peroxide in our body. Asparagus, almonds, hazelnuts, avocado, and eggs contain Vitamin E, which prevents oxidation of cell membrane.

    Reduce exposure to sun

    A burnt skin is more sensitive to ultra violet rays emitted by sun, as compared to normal skin. Exposure of burn scar to sun can make it darker and worse. So keep your scar protected by apply sunscreen containing SPF-15 or by covering your skin with a piece of cloth properly to lighten your scar.

    Use Cold Water

    Cold water not only soothes the inflaming skin but it is also very helpful in lightening the burn scar. You can rub ice cube over the old burn scar daily to make it less visible.

    Vitamin E oil/cream

    Vitamin E is very effective in faster reformation of the skin over the wounds and helps to lighten up the dark scars of burns. You can apply Vitamin E oil daily on your scar or you can also use moisturizing cream containing Vitamin E.

    Keep the wound clean

    By keeping the burnt part clean, you can avoid infection and severe scars. Bandage the affected area and make sure to change it twice a day to keep the wound clean.

    Avoid Soap

    Do not apply soap on burn skin until it heals completely. As many soaps contains Sodium laureth sulphate, which causes irritation on the wound and dries the skin, making the scars more visible.

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    Home Remedies to get rid of burn scars

    Burn scars can be removed with some useful homemade remedies. Given below are some convenient and useful home remedies to get rid of burn scars:

    Use honey

    You can apply honey on the burn scar as it contains antibacterial elements and helps to nourish the scar.

    Apply cold water and turmeric

    You should apply mixture of cold water and turmeric over the burn as water helps to soothe inflaming skin. On the other hand, turmeric is helpful in preventing the formation of scar.

    Apply banana or tomato paste:

    Mash up a banana or tomato and apply it to the burn scar to lighten it as they help to get rid of blemishes.

    Lavender oil

    Essential oil of lavender works as an antiseptic and protects the wound from being infected in order to avoid scars.

    Wheat germ oil

    This is another very effective remedy to fade out burn scars. Apply this oil on the burn scar at least 2 to 3 times a day to make the scar disappear faster.


    Take a cucumber slice and place it over the burn scar. It helps to nourish the newly formed skin and prevents it from darkening.

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    Consult a Specialist

    In case if you do not feel any difference at the end of natural and homemade remedies, it is better to consult a burn scar specialist who might suggest you to have a laser treatment of a skin surgery depending upon the type and severity of the scar. Although these treatments are very expensive, yet the results are quicker and will completely remove your burn scars.

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