How to Reduce Keratin in Skin

Keratin is one of the very essential and strapping fibrous proteins, making up the external layer of our skin. Moreover, it is one among the foremost mechanisms of teeth, hooves, nails and hair. It best for our body from all angles, but the problem can arise when our body produces keratin more the requirement. This overproduction can be give birth to unwanted rutted patches of acne-like bumps that automatically blocks the hair follicles’ openings. In severe cases, abundance of Keratin in Skin can be a reason of “keratosis pilaris,” which is a very general skin disorder. Therefore, it is better to keep an eye on the keratin production in your skin and to reduce it, if required. Simple solutions are available to reduce Keratin in Skin.


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    Keep Your Skin Clean

    Make sure to keep your skin clean, taking a shower every day. Use warm water and non-perfumed soap while taking a shower. Exfoliate your skin with a soft loofah.

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    No Oily Hair

    Shampoo your hair every day or at least every second day in order to keep it away from getting oily.

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    Cleanse Your Skin after Exercise

    Sweating as a result of exercises can mix up with the moisturizer on your skin, making the keratosis pilaris more severe. Make sure to cleanse your seating areas of your body properly and pat them dry with a clean, dry towel.

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    Use a Humidifier

    An environment with low humidity encourages Keratin production. Bring a humidifier into play a few times per week in order to maintain proper humidity levels. If you cannot afford an electrical humidifier, check out the best possible way to Make Homemade Humidifiers.

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    Lactic Acid Helps

    Lactic acid helps in reducing the production of Keratin on the skin.  Apply beauty products like lotion or cream with a proper ratio of lactic acid two times per week. Its application once a morning and once at night right before going to bed is a good option.

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    Consider Some Home Remedies

    Given below are some of the very useful home remedies that you can consider to reduce the production of Keratin:

    Carrot juice: Drink two large glasses of pure carrot juice per day to keep the production of keratin under control.

    Oatmeal scrub: Exfoliate your skin with a pure Oatmeal scrub every day previous to taking a shower.

    Milk: It contains lactic acid and therefore helps in reducing Keratin’s production.

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