How to Create a Skin Care Regimen for Combination Skin

Skin care is very important, especially since your skin is the most exposed organ on your body. While there are several products in the market for treating oily and dry skin types, combination skin is not so easy to manage. Combination skin is basically a mixture or dry, oily, sensitive and normal skin textures and is characterized by an oily T-zone (while other parts of your face remain dry).

Given the presence of varying textures, caring for combination skin becomes a hassle. Fortunately, there are several simple steps that you can follow to create a proper skincare regimen.

Things Required:

– Gentle, non-soap cleanser
– Alcohol-free toner
– Moisturizer
– Exfoliator
– Mask suitable for combination skin


  • 1

    Cleanse your skin daily

    Cleanse your skin twice a day (in the morning and before going to bed in the night) with a gentle, non-abrasive, non-soap cleanser. The cleanser will wipe off excess oil from the oily areas on your face and moisturise the remainder of your skin. Do not use an abrasive or soaping product, it may further irritate or dry out your skin. If you have acne breakouts in the T-zone while other parts of your face are dry, use a cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide.

  • 2

    Use an alcohol-free toner

    After cleansing it is necessary to apply a toner on your skin, especially on the face, to close open pores in the oily areas. If you have a combination skin, it is recommended you use an alcohol-free toner. Alcohol-based toners will dry your skin area even more and make the oily parts secrete more oil.

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    Keep your skin moisturised

    Although your skin has oily patches, it still needs to be moisturised. Apply a light-weight, oil-free moisturiser on the normal and oily areas of your skin at least twice a day. You can use a slightly oily moisturiser for the dry parts. If you are using some anti-aid product, apply it first and let it dry before using the moisturiser.

  • 4

    Exfoliate at least twice a week

    Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Besides cleansing, a great exfoliating routine is very important for a healthy and glowing skin. Use a very mild exfoliating scrub; using a product that is too abrasive may cause skin irritation.

  • 5

    Apply masks suitable for combination skin

    After exfoliation, apply a mask suitable for combination skin. It will not only tighten the pores but will also help moisturise your skin.

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