Hands Care During Winter

Dryness in winters is a major issue though few people think it’s a minor problem. In winters dry atmosphere can destroy the natural moisture of your skin that may cause several skin issues, which are not only painful but they become irritating as well. In this cold weather washing hands is another cause of dryness, which is why your hands can get cracked. It is true, you can stay away from such issues, but for that a little effort is required. For the protection of your skin’s texture, along with external care internal attention is also required. You have to keep in mind few tips, which you can easily get you out of this hassle.


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    The intake of water should be appropriate in winters, although we don’t feel much thirsty still drinking at least eight glasses of water daily, will definitely cure your issue.

    Water is the basic need of a body, because it helps in keeping your body moisturized with natural oils. The most easy and convenient tip which will keep you away from this painful problem is drinking sufficient amount of water.

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    Try using medium temperature water while washing your hands. Extreme hot or cold water is not only harmful for your hands, but for your entire skin including hair, it can easily zap moisture.

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    Besides warm water, try selecting a good quality soap which contains moisturizing ingredients. Ordinary soap will produce worse results, which you will immediately feel. There are several companies who are making tremendous soap products the top ten are as follow

    Aura Cacia Soothing Organic Milk and Oat Bath:

    Being the best seller, this product is an ideal soap from health point of view. It contains no such ingredients which may cause reaction or any other sort of health issues.

    The Body Shop – Almond conditioning hand wash:

    This product of a well known company has succeeded in maintaining its reputation in market due to its eminent qualities. The best advantage of this soap is that it will never strip of your natural moisture.

    Crabtree & Evelyn – Almond Milk & Honey Soap

    Besides cleaning the skin and removing germs it will nourish your skin with the help of almond oil and honey ingredients.

    Palmolive – Aroma Crème Liquid Hand Wash:

    This hand wash product contains moisturizers and pure essential oils, which nourishes your skin and leaves a beautiful smell behind.

    Palmolive – Aromatherapy Sensual Liquid Hand Wash:

    This soap will not only keep your hands soft and clean, but it will make them moisturized as well

    A’Kin – Australian Native Rainforest Botanic Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Hand Wash

    If you want to pamper your hands with the essence of fresh healthy ingredients, then this soap is the perfect choice.

    WOTNOT – Biodegradable Travel Wipes:

    For travelling purpose these wipes can never be ignored. By using these antibacterial wipes your hands will not only feel refreshed, but they will also become clear from any sort of germs.

    Molton Brown – Blu Maquis Arc:

    This product is made up of natural ingredients which will protect your skin’s texture

    Burt’s Bee – Citrus & Ginger Root Liquid Hand Soap:

    This hand soap is environmentally friendly and produces good lather.

    MOR – Classic Collection Hand & Body Wash – Cassis Noir:

    People who have a sensitive skin and they are afraid to come across any kind of chemical reaction, then MOR product is the best choice.

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    Even if you wash your hands ten times in a day or more than that, never forget to apply a moisturising lotion. While using soap some portion of your skin’s moistness gets washed away, due to which it becomes dry and starts cracking, to avoid chapped skin never forget to apply a good quality moisturizing lotion which suits you.

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    If your skin is already chapped then the perfect solution is to wash your hands with warm water and put on petroleum jelly. Later on wear gloves and keep them on for at least one hour.

    Hands are also an important part of your body which requires equal attention. If you keep them clean and moisturized, you can easily stay away from unwanted skin problems.

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