How To Contour a Wide Nose

Almost every part of the human body helps you look beautiful but your nose is one of the most prominent features and has a massive impact on your appearance. Many people have wide noses and it is quite common in all parts of the world. A wide nose is not necessarily unattractive, but sometimes, especially for functions or weddings, you may want to contour your nose a little to give it a more slender appearance.

Dark and light foundations are used in nose contouring with make up, which makes it look thinner. On the other side of the coin, small corrections can be made to the nose through cosmetic surgery. However, nose contouring through makeup is much more convenient and cheaper.

If you want some major and permanent changes to the shape of your nose, only then you should go for cosmetic surgery. However, before you take such a step, make sure you research thoroughly and consult your close ones since this would be a permanent change most of the times.


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    Apply the foundation

    Use a makeup brush to apply a darker shade of the foundation on either side of the bridge of your nose. Extend down both sides of your nose using the brush, beginning from the eyebrow and finishing at the side of the nostril. Make a dark coloured line on both sides of your nose. In order to make it look very natural, you need to blend it outward towards your cheek around the nostril under the eye.

    Use a makeup brush to apply a thin line of a lighter shade of the foundation down the bridge of your nose. Blend it carefully and start between the eyebrows and move it downwards to the tip of your nose.

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    Brush the lighter colour

    Having applied the foundation, you need to gently brush the lighter colour towards the contoured and darker side of your nose, which will help avoid any sharp lines. During this procedure, do remember that you should not lighten the contoured part. Light hits the bridge of your nose sharply, so using the lighter shade of foundation will make the slimmer part of your nose more prominent.

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    Dust some powder on the contoured nose

    In order to eliminate any lingering lines and to finish the nose contour, softly dust some powder on the nose through a powder brush. Your wide nose is now contoured and will look thinner and more attractive.

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