How to Stop Scratching Irritated Skin

The constant urge to scratch can drive any sane person crazy. At times the temptation to scratch can occur right in the middle of an important meeting and during a presentation where you are the centre of attention. It is irritation enough even when you are alone and can make you scratch to a point of hurting. At times it would not stop until you bleed and the skin patch is hurt. These are the horrors of constant skin scratching. Stopping yourself from scratching takes great restraint because the urge to do so can  be great. Our step by step guide has some tried and tested tips to help you at such times. Out of the many that are listed, one will surely work for you.


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    Wash it:

    One of the simplest ways to stop a skin patch from itching is to wash it with an anti bacterial soap. After washing pat it dry with a dry towel. Use warm water for washing because hot water can dry the skin and increase itching. Adding colloidal oatmeal to the bath water is going to help soothe your skin. Baking soda also achieves the same result.

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    Dry skin encourages scratching. You have to keep your body hydrated. internally and externally. Drink loads of water and install a humidifier in your bedroom so that the air has enough humidity for your skin.

    After every time you wash, moisturize your skin with a lotion. Coconut and olive oil are also good skin moisturizers. Applying cold milk on skin is known to help against skin irritation.

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    Cold treatment:

    Whenever a skin patch starts itching, grab and ice pack and place it on the spot. The ice soothes down irritated skin. Another option is to wet a towel in cold water and place it on the area. Repeat the process when the towel gets warm.

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    Fibers in clothing also irritate skin. Whenever you feel like scratching, bare the skin part of any covering and leave it open. If you have a constant scratching problem, try to wear pure cotton. Fabrics like wool, polyester and other synthetic materials contribute to skin itch. Try to wash your fibers including clothes and bed spreads in unscented detergents.

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    Cut nails short:

    This is a very practical solution. To avoid scratching your skin and hurting yourself, keep your nails trimmed at all times. This way your body will stop asking to be scratched when it does not get the satisfaction anymore.

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    Scratching at some times can be a result of allergy to different compounds. Some of these could be cleaning products, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and even food. Keep track of what gives you an allergy and leads to skin itching.It can even be your pet.

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