How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles without Ironing

You need not worry if there has been a problem with the iron in your house or in case you do not have an iron at all. There are other ways to remove any wrinkles from your garments that are somewhat effective.

Obviously, the results will not be as good as the ironing but they will surely help your cause. You can use the hair dryers, damp towels and spritz methods to get rid of any wrinkles on your clothes without using the iron.

Things Required:

– Hair dryer
– Damp towel
– Hangers
– Spray bottle
– Fabric relaxant


  • 1

    Hair dryer method

    First of all, you need to dampen the cloth that needs to be worn. Slightly dampen the cloth with water spray and make sure you do not use too much water as the fabric may get damaged when you use heat on it. Then take a hair dryer and dry the cloth until the wrinkles go out. You must make sure that the dryer is placed at least two to three inches away from the cloth.

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    Damp towel method

    This is a relatively easier method to remove wrinkles but it takes more time. Take a slightly damp towel and make sure it is clean as any soap marks would appear on the cloth afterwards. Place the cloth that needs to be ironed on a flat surface and lay the damp towel over it. You need to press it on all areas to remove any wrinkles.

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    Shower steam

    This can be called as the easiest of methods. Place the shirt or whatever clothing you need to wear on the shower rod in the bathroom before you take a shower. The steam from the shower will automatically remove wrinkles from the cloth when you take a bath. Make sure that door is closed as the steam needs to gather in the area for this method to work.

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    Spritz the clothes with water

    This is usually called the ‘poor man’s method’. Hang the cloth or garment in a hanger and spritz the areas that have wrinkles with water or fabric relaxant. This will help in getting rid of any wrinkles.

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