How to Do Skin Brushing

Skin is your major protector from germs and bacteria, maintaining body temperature and discarding toxins and other waste materials. You can revitalize your skin by dry brushing it. Brushing your skin refreshes it by not only getting rid of dead cells but also helping skin growth. Furthermore, it instigates lymph system i.e. the system which helps you in getting rid of toxins and waste from your body and is part of your immune system. Remember that lymph fluid not only bring nutrients to your cells but also take away wastes. The waste is excreted as sweat or dead cells. Thus skin brushing not only removes these dead cells but also keep the lymph moving. As a result, your skin pores are not clogged and the waste easily wards off.

Things Required:
– Skin brush


  • 1

    Type of brush

    You need to get a quality brush for your skin. Buy one which is made from natural fibres. Skin brushes with synthetic fibres can be used as well but they are little harder for your skin. You can easily get these skin brushes from your local drug store or health food stores. In addition to this, you can get a skin brush by purchasing it from internet. In case you do not have a skin brush, you can use a towel for skin brushing.

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    You should start skin brushing from your feet. Remember to use it in circular motions on every part of your feet.

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    Legs and body

    You should then move upwards toward your legs. Apply the skin brush using upward and long strokes on your legs which include thighs, knees, front and back. Remember to move it up towards your heart as brushing away will put pressure on your blood vessels. You should gently brush on areas where skin is thin e.g. underarms or breasts. Using for first few times, it may feel hard but then you will get use to it. Remember to skip genital areas.

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    Hands, arms and neck

    Next you need to brush your hands and arms with circular motions. Later move towards your neck and brush with soft strokes.

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