How to Purify Your Skin

Many people face skin problems nowadays. There may be issues of acne, blackheads, whiteheads or dry skin. Everybody needs skin that it pure and glowing. For this, you do not need to visit an expensive beauty salon. You can get the required treatment at home with natural methods. There are various methods you can use which include ex-foliating and by using honey, strawberries or lemon on your skin.

These methods do not take a lot of time and you can get pure skin in a matter of weeks of you treat your face daily for a good 15 minutes.


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    Exfoliate your skin

    First of all, get some warm water in a bowl. Make sure that the water is not too hot as that could cause irritation on your skin. Dip a clean hand towel in the water and squeeze it before placing it on your face for a good two minutes. This will help in opening the pores of your face. Use a good exfoliator to exfoliate your skin and wash your face with warm running water. You can also apply a good clay mask on your skin after this for best results.

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    Use the honey method

    You need to mix three tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of cinnamon in a small bowl. Stir nicely until there are no clumps and apply it to your face in equal proportions. This should be done every night before you sleep. You will definitely see the results in three weeks time.

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    Use the lemon method

    You can directly apply a few drops of lemon on the affected areas or pimples. The lemon juice contains Vitamin C, which is very good for your skin. Leave your skin for at least three to four minutes and then wash it with running water.

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    Use the strawberry method

    First of all, wash your face with a good cleanser. You need to mash three to four strawberries in a small bowl. Now add two tablespoons of honey to the bowl and mix it nicely. Rub the mixture from the bowl on your face for some time before washing your face with cool water.

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