How to Prevent Face Razor Bumps

Face is the most essential part of your body because it is the first thing that the person next to you sees. You have to take care of your face. Therefore, shaving carefully is important for you. You have to be attractive and you can only look good when your face is smooth and doesn’t have any sore red  bumps. Everything will be good when your face is smoothly shaved. You are shaving some part of the body but you are not feeling good and see red, sore bumps wherever you shave. It is itchy and cause irritation especially when you sweat because when the salty water touches the damaged skin, it reacts to cause irritation and you feel like snatching. Consider that you have irritated underarms; it will be painful and unsightly trouble so there is no doubt that you want to get rid of that.


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    You should use an electric shaver or trimmer because it will give your skin to recover from some damage done. Shaving itself causes damage to your skin because whenever the hair is cut, the soft part of the skin is lost and it becomes harder but shaving is necessary to look cool. You should not shave daily and wait for two or three days so that your skin can recover from the razor’s effects.

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    Use a mild facial cleanser to wash your face after you are done shaving. Never press to hard while applying the facial cleanser because it will hurt and the effects aren’t good for the skin so keep it smooth.

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    Use warm water for everything. If you are going to clean your razor after a first shave stroke then use warm water for that. Apply warm water before you are preparing your face for shaving and clean everything with warm water. However, if you are allergic to warm water and your skin has a strong reaction to warm water like it turns red then you can use cool water but your priority should be warm water.

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    You need apply moisturizing cream as soon as you are done shaving. Apply after-shave lotion on your face before the cream. Don’t wait too long; just clean the face and apply the stuff.

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    Shave in the direction where your hair grows.

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