How To Choose Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin

Natural soaps can differ in quality and concentration. Most people prefer taking natural soaps for sensitive skin but they forget to read the labels. Not all natural soaps are perfect for sensitive. Therefore, you need to ensure you are buying the right soap for your sensitive skin.


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    Look out for the labels. You need to select a soap that is scented with essential oils and not with synthetic fragrance. You need to know what essential oils are. Essential oils are obtained from plants and they come with no chemicals at all. However, since they are expensive, you will not find them in all natural soaps. For sensitive skin, synthetically scented soaps are to be avoided. If you have sensitive skin, go for natural soaps that are scented with essential oils.

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    Learn about soap colouring. Most soaps are coloured with synthetic colours that can be harmful to your sensitive skin. Make sure you are using a soap that does not have any synthetic colours. Your soap should come with natural colours, which is produced by natural herbs. Also, some soaps are coloured with mineral colorants, which is perfectly fine to be used for sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin should always opt for soap with natural colorants.

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    Do not be intimidated with ‘lye’. This is an ingredient every soap will have, whether it is natural or not. You should not be afraid of buying a soap that comes with lye in it. Soap made with lye is completely natural. Some people think of lye as a chemical but it is not.

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    Decide on the concentration level of the soap. Those with highly sensitive skin should buy soaps that are less concentrated. In addition, those with skin conditions like eczema should stay away from unnatural soap and always go for natural soaps.

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    Please note that there is a difference between homemade soap and natural soap. Not every homemade soap is naturally made. In fact, most homemade soaps come with a number of chemicals in them that can be harmful to sensitive skin. Since these chemicals are cheap, most homemade are enriched with them.

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