How to Treat Heat Rash Naturally

Heat rashes are formed when sweat gets stuck on your skin rather than coming out of the pores. This type of rash is bright red and can be extremely painful. Heat rashes are also called ‘prickly heat’ as you feel as if someone is sticking needles into your flesh. There are a number of lotions and creams available in market, which can help you treat heat rashes effectively. However, such remedies can be an expensive option and may take a toll on your monthly budget. There are some extremely useful natural processes, which can help you get rid of such rashes quickly.

Things Required:

– Spinach/salmon or flaxseed oil
– Sol: 2000c
– Water: 2 cups
– Minced fresh root of yellow dock: 4 oz
– Cornstarch
– Baking soda: 1 cup
– Vitamin C


  • 1

    Essential fatty acids

    One of the most common methods to treat heat rashes is to eat spinach or salmon, which enhances the level of fatty acids in the body. Apart from that, you can also take some flaxseed oil. Eating any kind of food that is rich in essential fatty acids will go a long way in getting rid of heat rashes in a very short time.

  • 2

    Take Sol

    You can get over heat rashes by taking 30c of Sol three times a day for about three weeks. As soon as the itching or the prickling starts after getting a heat rash, you should start taking Sol. Easily available in food or health stores, Sol is a dietary vitamin.

  • 3

    Yellow dock

    Take 2 cups of water and boil it while adding 4 oz of minced fresh root of yellow dock. Having boiled the mixture for about 10 minutes, you need to strain it before applying it on the area which is suffering from heat rash. Make sure that you wash your rash nicely before putting this mixture on your skin a few times in a day.

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    You can apply cornstarch on the affected area. It will help you absorb any moisture on that portion of the skin and is also very effective in reducing the pain.

  • 5

    Baking soda

    Add a cup of baking soda in your bathtub after filling it with lukewarm water. You can now soak up in the bath for about 30 minutes to an hour.

  • 6

    Vitamin C

    Another natural remedy for heat rashes is to have vitamin C supplement every day. This will be extremely effective in getting rid of itching.

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