How To Create a Good Skin Care Routine

Not all men or women are blessed with flawless skin. However, they still can attract the crowd toward themselves should they have a velvety, shiny and smooth skin routine. It is also to note that skin type can vary depending on the age and other circumstances.

And this is only achievable if they take proper care of their skin. Taking care of your skin will stop new lesions, reduce treatment time and reduce the extra need for medications and treatments.

To stay young and supple for a longer period without applying expensive cosmetics and eating drugs, one should follow a daily routine which may include restful sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity and walking in the fresh air.


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    First try not to squeeze pimples if you have any and wash your face twice a day. Studies have proven that mineral water for washing your face significantly reduces skin irritation, as well as contributes to the long retention of moisture in the skin cells.

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    Avoid products containing a high percentage of alcohol. Use alternate creams containing different active substances.

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    In order to avoid the harmful effects of the sun, wind and cold do not forget to lubricate the face and neck with a protective day cream before going out.

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    At night, after cleansing the face and neck apply a rich cream that contains vitamins, hormones or any other biologically active substances. Spread the cream on the skin with a cotton swab moistened with any fruit or vegetable juice.

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    The mask of a well-powdered eggs gives the skin such valuable substances as cholesterol and lecithin. You should do it once a week for a glowing skin.

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    Clean the skin with olive or almond oil twice a week. Massage the face until foamy emulsion and then let it dry out. This recipe is ideal for cleaning dry and very sensitive skin.

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