Laser Skin Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unwanted marks that occur on one’s skin due to a number of reasons and have undesirable consequences on the skin of the affected person. These may be caused by changes in the body size due to pregnancy, puberty, weight gain and many other reasons. Most of the stretch marks occur around the abdomens, hips and thighs and seem to be genetic and you are widely exposed to having them in case that your mother has the same genetic problem. However, stretch marks are avoidable and can be taken care of, via several applications of correct beauty tips.


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    The first step to avoid such stretch marks is to keep using a moisturizer on regular basis and its application to the skin ion the affected area reduces its chances and occurrence. A study that compared stretch marks in women using lotions on regular basis and those who seldom applied such a conditioner yielded the results that the frequency o stretch marks occurring in the latter of the two is greater than the former.

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    The next step that can cause removal and avoidance of stretch marks is to use the Retin-A. The fore mentioned cream is an acidic cream that boosts collagen production in the body. This is also a process that has yielded results favoring the non-occurrence of stretch marks on a women’s skin. Despite its effectiveness, it might not be very useful for old stretch marks and you will also need a prescription from a doctor in order to use it.

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    Next tip is to use glycolic acid. This also increases the collagen production and makes the skin more elastic than usual. It is also safe to put on the acid on the skin during the time of pregnancy and has no after effects or any effects on the health of the infant.

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    Now combining glycol and Retin-A is also a very good measure to remove the marks of stretches and it is a very useful combination. However, it is advised that you should not use the combination of the two if you are breastfeeding your child. Using this during breastfeeding may have severe defects on the child and that you will surely like to avoid.

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    Vitamin E Oil is the next thing that you should e looking to use for removing the skin stretch marks. And it is most effective on a woman that has just been pregnant.

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