How to Prevent Freckles when Tanning

Getting freckles on skin while tanning is always possible, unless you take precautionary measures such as application of creams or lotions to protect your skin from sun rays. Freckles appear when melanocytes cells are bunched because of harsh sun heat, and you should treat them immediately, as leaving freckles for a longer period can cause skin pigmentation and destroy it further. It is always recommended to take all precautionary steps to protect your skin from side effects of sun tan while you enjoy a day out on the beach or in the park under the sun.


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    Use Sunless Tan Lotions

    Generally, you can find many sunless tan lotions and creams that protect your skin from sun rays. These creams contain melanoidins that develop an extra layer on your skin, while it gets tanned. Another benefit of these creams is that you can get your skin tanned thoroughly and it lasts for a longer period of time. Above all, your skin appears smooth and protected from all skin reactions and negative effects. To get better results, you should apply the cream regularly, especially when you are planning to spend a day out under the sun. Taking precautionary measures is a must for you if you know of any skin problem that you are prone to while getting your body tanned.

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    Airbrush Tanning

    Another way out to avoid skin freckles is to avoid sunless tanning, and instead get an airbrush tanning in the salon. You will receive masks and other protective material at the salon that can stop chemicals from entering your body, especially into the mouth and eyes, which are more sensitive and can quickly develop freckles. However, an airbrush tanning does not last as long as the sunless tanning. Nevertheless, you should go for this option if your skin is oversensitive and can develop pigmentation or other problems quickly after being exposed to thsun.You may e also discuss your skin problems with the salon staff, as they might have something special to recommend you, which can better protect your skin.

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    Applying Bronzer

    Application of Bronzer on the skin before getting tanned is another effective way of protecting the skin from freckles and other negative skin effects. They are normally packed in the cosmetics forms such as tints, powder or lotion. They are also effective in adding the benefit of tanning to your skin. You can quickly get tanned and  tanning lasts for a longer period of time. Since it is not a very expensive solution, you should be applying Bronzer frequently and regularly to get better protection for your skin. However, in any case you develop skin fragmentation, pigmentation and freckles, you should immediately see a skin specialist.

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