How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs While Shaving

The problem of ingrown hair is a common problem among women because the new electrolysis products may traumatize the hair, which gives a chance of in growth. The best part is to pluck them out from the skin instead of shaving, but epilators used for this purpose are also not working efficiently. While shaving your hair or getting them plucked out especially curly hair, they might break which causes the problem of in growth. Skin of your body becomes dark due to blemishes, besides that the problem of pimples is also raised, which causes embarrassment. There are few tips and techniques which should be followed before shaving and after shaving the unwanted hair, which will help you in getting rid of such hassle.


  • 1

    Before you plan to get your skin shaved, take a hot water shower, which will not only make your skin soft, but it will also open your pores, which will make your job much easier.

  • 2

    Avoid using cheap product and prefer those shaving products and epilators which are reliable. Never take risk when you have to treat your skin because it might make things worse instead of making them better.

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    Do not shave your hair with more than two blade razor because shaving your skin closely and repeatedly is another cause if in grown hair.

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    After shaving your body, wash it thoroughly with warm water and avoid soaps it will irritate your skin and block the pores.

  • 5

    You should always scrub your skin when you intend to take shower because scrubbing not only removes the dead skin and cells but it will eliminate the in grown hair.

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    Do not apply any sort of lotion right after shaving it will clog your pores. With the space of few days apply salicylic lotion which will remove the dead skin and it will prevent from any sort of clogging. Do not use it regularly and be sure that the lotion does not have fragrance.

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