How to Make your Own Aftershave Splash with Essential Oils

Shaving is one of the most essential parts of our daily hygienic routine. Many believe that it is just a process of applying shaving cream over your skin and dragging your razor back and forth to get the desired best results. However, it is not only about applying cream and pulling razor over your skin. It is a ritual that is learned over the period of time, and the final phase of this practice, applying aftershave lotion or splash over your skin, is extremely critical, as it plays an important role in determining whether one has done a good job or not.

There are many aftershave lotions and splashes available in the market by top brands. However, one can easily make this at home with essential oils according to your skin to use.

Preparation time: 2 weeks and 1 hour.
Utensils: Two cups, spoons, a glass bowl.


– ¼ cup of witch hazel
– ½ cup of water (Distilled)
– 3 drops of benzoin oil
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– ½ cup of dried herbs (You can also use a few drops of oil of your choice)
– 1 Lavender flower
– 1 Camphor herbs
– 1 Rosemary and lavender
– 2 peels of Lemon or Orange
– 1 Clove or Cinnamon


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    Take a glass bowl or glass container that has a lid and combine all the ingredients properly.

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    Cover the glass bowl or glass container with its lid, and place it in a dark and cool place. For the next two weeks, shake the jar hard couple of times every day.

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    Drain out all the herbs through a colander and refrigerate the drain. Put 3 or 4 drops of your homemade aftershave at your hand and dab gently on your face when needed.

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