How to Give a Foot Massage

Feet are those parts of the body which are most exposed to external stress, wear and tear because of their excessive use and role in mobility which makes them achy at the end of the day. Daily we are constantly moving from one place to other placing stress on our feet, thus they deserve special attention. A soothing foot massage after a stressful day not only lifts up our mood, but also decreases the stress, aching, tension and fatigue instantly.


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    First of all get rid of any dirt and clean the feet with a foot soak. Make a solution by dissolving a cup of Epsom salts in about a gallon of mild warm water to distress the feet prior to massage and release the muscular tone. Be careful the water is not too hot, as it may cause burns. Soak for about ten minutes in the solution and then dry the feet thoroughly, including between your toes with a towel or a soft cloth.

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    Prior massage the foot should be well lubricated to reduce friction and release the muscular tension. Take a lotion or cream and apply and massage each foot separately, with gentle strokes from toes distally to the heel proximally including both plantar and dorsal aspects so that the lotion is applied on all surfaces.

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    Now progress to deeper strokes. The hand placement should be such that you use both hands with both thumbs on the top on the dorsal aspect and the fingers below on the plantar aspect. Now by applying firm pressure slide your thumbs in between the tendons of the heel, the ankle and the toes. The pressure applied should be appropriate. If the amount of pressure is less it may feel, conversely if it is too deep it may be perceived painful.

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    Deeper strokes are followed by circular motions. Strokes in this fashion may release trigger points and may enhance local blood flow and feeling of relaxation. For this your thumbs are in contact with the bottom of the foot, and with strokes of circular fashion move your thums on the entire plantar aspect of the foot. The pressure is to be kept steady directed in a distal to proximal direction. Similarly also rub your toes with such gentle, circular strokes. Stretching the feet while rubbing may enhance the effect.

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    Perform the above mentioned techniques on both feet followed by the gentle massage with soft strokes that we started out with, in order to complete the foot massage. Towel dry both the feet o to remove any excess lotion or cream.

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