How to Remove Ingrown Hairs From the Legs

Ingrown hair problem is a major issue which has stuck women in a big hassle. Women are not only facing this issue on their legs but arms as well. Whether they use wax, electric epilators, depilatory creams or razor, the in growth of hair issue has always been there. The main problem is that it portrays a very bad look and your lack of confidence may sabotage. Besides the look it is painful as well which obviously cannot be ignored. There is a technique which can get rid of the ingrown hair, but before that you have to make sure that the moment you remove your hair be very careful and follow the proper directions. Things you require in removing ingrown hair from legs are mentioned below:

Cotton Pads
Warm Water
Antibiotic Ointment
Rubbing Alcohol


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    The first thing you have to do is to wash the area with warm water. The best idea is to take a shower and then continue with the rest of the procedure. The warm water will open up your pores and you will be able to remove the ingrown hair easily.

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    The next thing is to make sure that your tweezers is clean and if it is not then soak it in the rubbing alcohol liquid and clean it with a cotton pad. This will help in removing any germ or else your skin will get infected.

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    Now comes the difficult part, you will have to be extremely careful while plucking the hair out of the skin. First analyze the hair, very carefully tease it and with the tips of the tweezers get hold of the hair and pluck it out.

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    If by any chance the hair seems to be in the skin and you are trying to break the skin, then before doing that apply a moderate amount of antibiotic ointment to avoid any sort of infections.

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    In the end again wash your skin with warm water and an antibiotic soap.

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