How to Make Hands Bigger

Hands are the most important body part of a human being as they perform all major activities like lifting, grabbing, pulling and gripping something. To perform all these day to day activities every human requires strength in his or her hands. As a result of that, people try various exercises to strengthen the muscles of their hands in order avoid diseases like arthritis and to slow down the effects of aging. However, not many of us know a lot about exercises of the hands that help build muscles and minimize the effects of aging. But this article has some useful information to assist such people and help them make their hands bigger.

Things require to make your hands bigger

– Stress ball
– Modeling dough
– Barbell


  • 1

    Use stress ball

    To make your hands bigger, squeeze a stress ball whenever you aren't doing anything with your hands and are sitting idle. Regular use of stress ball will help in building hand muscles every time the resistible material of the ball is squeezed. People can use this ball while watching television, reading books or newspapers, during a meeting or when they get spare time at work.

  • 2

    Use modeling dough

    Modeling dough is another useful thing that will help in making your hands bigger. All you need to do is mold the modeling dough with your hands. This molding will provide resistance just like stress ball and help muscle build by strengthening their tissues. Aside from kneading the modeling dough, you can mold bread dough too for this purpose.

  • 3

    Fingers exercise

    Besides squeezing stress ball and modeling dough, you can also do some easy exercises to make your hands bigger. In order to do so stretch out your hand in a way that your palm will face up then, touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of the index finger. After that touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of middle finger and keep this process going till the pinkie then, repeat it but this time go backward. Perform this exercise with both hands at the same time after concluding it separately on both hands.

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    Bend your finger in different ways

    You can also make your hands bigger by performing various finger bends. You can perform these bends all through the day, when you get some free time. To perform a finger bend you should stretch your hand out like a traffic policeman makes a stop signal with his hand. Also, while keeping your hand straight, bend the knuckles or hold your fingers tightly and then release after a second.

  • 5

    Use barbells

    Usage of barbells is also quite useful to make the hands big. You can perform bench press by holding the barbell with the palms, which should be facing up and elbows must be straight like a 90 degree line. Then, hold the barbell up by strengthening your grip for 90 seconds after which allow your arms to rest.

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