How to Get Rid Of a Ringworm At Home

Ringworm, also known as Tinea, is a type of skin disease that is caused by a fungus. Ringworms can appear on different parts of your body like face, neck, hands etc. people of any age group can suffer from this skin disease, but it is common among children. Red, itchy, scaly, and raised rashes on body are the clear symptoms of ringworm. Make sure to keep your body clean and dry whenever you suffer from ringworm. In addition to that, change your bed sheets and use clean towel every day. Never make the mistake to touch ringworm as it can spread parts of your body. Ringworms on the visible parts of the body look more embarrassing.


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    Apply coriander juice

    The juice of fresh coriander leaves is one of the best homemade remedies to treat ringworms. These leaves have the qualities to kill fungus that spreads ringworm disease. Place fresh coriander leaves, crush them properly, and extract their juice. Apply this juice to the ringworms with cotton ball and wait until dry. Wash with cold water and see the difference.

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    Apply raw papaya

    A slice of raw papaya is also the best-known natural cures for ringworm. Take a raw papaya and cut it into pieces. Grab one slice and apply it the infected area with the inner side down. Run it thoroughly and let it sit on the affected area for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the ringworm with hot water. Repeat the same procedure if you do not feel any improvement.

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    Apply aloe plant gel

    The gel from a fresh leaf of an aloe plant is quiet useful in killing the fungus that causes ringworm. Apply the gel with clean finger or a cotton ball and two to three times a day and get rid of ringworms. In case if the gel is not available at your place, then you can also use creams containing aloe.

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    Apply tea tree oil

    Other useful remedies for ringworms are the ointments made from tea tree oil, which possess antifungal qualities. Apply the tea tree oil ointments directly to the infected area and see the irritating rashes disappearing from your skin.

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    Apply turmeric-honey paste

    The turmeric-honey paste is also one among the known home remedies for ringworm. Stir one-teaspoon turmeric power and honey until a thick paste is formed. Apply it to the ringworm and wait for at least 10 minutes. Wash the affected area with mild water.

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