How to Do an Underarm Waxing

Waxing is considered an important substitute for shaving underarms. It yields a softer skin and lasts longer as compared to shaving. You may visit a professional beautician for underarm waxing but still have the option to do it yourself at home and save money. It is an effortless process but don’t forget to trim your hair before waxing if they are more than ¼ inch long. Stop panicking if you haven’t done it before, just follow the below guideline and garner a smooth and waxed underarm.

Things Required:

– Talcum Power
– Wax
– Wax Strips


  • 1

    First purchase a wax and prepare it by following the instructions provided on the manual or label. Next, cleanse the underarm and dry it. You should pat it dry instead of rubbing it to avoid the redness of the skin.

  • 2

    Gently apply talcum powder onto the underarm so it becomes easier for the wax to stick to the hair and make removing them easier. Now smear a layer of wax to the underarm area in the direction of hair growth. Place the hand of the arm being waxed towards the back of your head. This would ascertain that the wax is thoroughly applied and no hair is left out, especially in the crease of the underarm.

  • 3

    Position and press the cloth strip on your skin and make sure that the cloth is properly stuck to the wax. Now grab one corner of the cloth and quickly pull it toward the direction opposite to the hair growth. Redo the process till all of the under-arm area is free from hair. Use cool water to rinse the underarm; this would soothe the waxed skin. Now, repeat the same process for the other underarm.

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