Easy Tips to Improve Your Physical Appearance in Every Way

You might be wearing an expensive designer dress, gown or suit, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with ungroomed hair, dry skin, pale teeth, cracked lips, wrinkled hands and stained nails. Nothing can make up for your actual physical appearance, and you owe it to yourself to care for your body.

Fortunately for you, here are some easy tips that will ensure that you are looking your best every day in every way.


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    Your face is the first part of you people look at. Make sure you regularly moisturize your face, use a sunscreen when going out and drink lots of water. On top of all this, a big smile will seal the deal.

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    If your face is the index of your mind, your eyes are windows into your soul. Working in front of the computer all day is doing your eyes no good. Remember to take breaks from work, avoid any whitening drops and ensure that your diet includes essential vitamins like A, E and C.

    Sleep deprivation is another major factor behind puffy eyes and the formation of dark circles. If you suffer from them, check out these simple home remedies for quick solutions.

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    Most of us ignore lip care, which becomes evident during winters. The easiest way to ensure soft and smooth lips is to moisturize them before going to bed every night. You can use Vaseline or regular moisturizer, but make sure you clean your lips with a soft moist tissue before you do.

    Red lips
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    Every sparkling smile has a bunch of pearly whites behind it. Unfortunately, with the food we eat these days, it’s a miracle if you manage to keep your teeth white and shining. Brushing at least twice a day is a must, but you should also look into a good mouth wash and consider these teeth whitening foods.

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    You can’t change the shape of your nose (not without surgery), but you can make sure there are no blackheads or excess oil (the reason behind your shiny nose). For blackheads you can either use a facial peel, an egg white mask or special blackhead removal strips available in the market. As for the excess oil on your nose, always keep a tissue with you when you leave home and switch to an oil-free facial cleanser.

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    You might not realize it but others can see the insides of your ears pretty easily. Wax deposits not only hamper your hearing but also affect your appearance considerably. Fortunately, a very simple solution is to wash your ears with warm water (making sure your thoroughly rub the insides) and then clean them up with a cotton ear bud. This should ideally be done twice a week, especially in summers.

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    Hair styles can completely change your appearance, as long as you choose them according to your facial features. Moreover, with time, you can suffer from hair loss, especially if you use gels and hair styling products frequently. Hair thinning is a problem that affects a major chunk of the adult population over the age of 35, but these tips can help you salvage what’s left without any complicated treatments.

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    Your hands are arguably the most used parts of your body, which also means they deserve your attention. The easiest way to keep your hands soft and wrinkle free is to use a hand cream before going to bed every night. If you wash dishes, clothes or work in the sun, you might want to wear gloves to protect your hands.

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    Whether you believe it or not, nails are an integral part of your appearance. Unclean, chipped and discolored nails won’t be getting you any points for looks. Fortunately, nail care isn’t rocket science. Just be particular about cutting your nails every week, filing them and pushing your cuticles back.

    If you have longer nails (like most females), you need to clean under them every two days and it is recommended that you use a clear nail polish to give them a protective coat every now and then.

    Woman filing nails
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    Your feet go through hell every day, bearing your weight and often trapped inside shoes for long hours without any air. Moreover, a lot of people simply ignore foot care, which includes regular washing and moisturizing.

    If you want to avoid those dreaded cracked heels, start using Vaseline every night before bed. The nails on your feet are also as important as those on your hands, and should be cared for in a similar manner.

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