How to Keep Your Manicure Longer

One does not get to have a perfect manicure every other day. A manicure takes time, money and loads of effort so everyone tries to make the most out of it once it is done. However, work and friction lead to chipping off of the polish which loses its glam and appeal very quickly. Although the quality of the polish used is an important factor, due care while applying and afterwards, makes sure that the manicure stays on for long. Following some simple tips can help in getting the best out of a manicure.

Things Required:

Р Soap
– Towel
– Nail Polish


  • 1

    Clean the nails well before applying the polish. Any oil remains should be cleared off as they can reduce the adhesiveness of the polish. Wash the hands with soap and dry them well with a clean towel.

    Now apply two thin coats of polish. The two thin coats instead of a single thick one helps in keeping the polish on for longer.

    The first coat should be width wise. Let it dry well before applying the second one lengthwise. The polish is in a crisscross pattern which reduces the likelihood of a chip off.

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    If you are going to the salon for a manicure, take along your own nail colours to ensure that the polish used is of good quality. Otherwise, pick a salon, which you are sure uses good quality and long lasting nail products. Good quality nail colours stay on for longer and do not chip off easily.

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    After the polish coats are dry, apply a top coat.

    A top coat of clear polish is an effective way of preserving the manicure and keeping it on for long. This top coat preserves the manicure underneath and protects it against friction and abrasion. Let the top coat dry well before using the hands.

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    To avoid chipping off of the manicure, refrain from using your nails as a screw driver. Using nails to clean off sharp surfaces and open bottle caps not only ruins the manicure but also the nails themselves. Furthermore, nail biting should be avoided at all costs as the activity can lead to nails which fail to look better even with the best manicure on.

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    Interaction with chemicals like bleach and detergents can also cause the manicure to peel off quickly. Using gloves while working in the kitchen and washing can help in protecting the hands and the manicure from harsh chemicals.

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