Best Mascara for Thin Lashes

Thin lashes can make eyes look pale, tired, weepy, or just completely washed-out. For eyes that are framed by pale, thin lashes, mascara can be a lifesaver – however, owing to the multitude of products and mascara types out there, it can be hard to pick the right kind.

The best types of mascara for thin eyelashes tend to be the ones that either add lots of volume to make eyelashes look thicker and fuller, or lengthening mascaras, that sweep up eyelashes to make them look longer, thus taking the focus off their thinness.


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    Maybelline Volum Express Curved Brush Mascara is a great product for thin lashes. One of the many innovations in the world of cosmetics is the curved mascara brush, which many claim yields better results than a regular brush. This product boasts the ability to make eyelashes 3 times thicker and fuller, and even if it delivers half as much, thin lashes are likely to benefit a great deal.

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    A great bargain brand, Elf offers a great Lengthening And Volumising Mascara, which can do wonders for sparse eyelashes. This mascara comes in a waterproof version, and is touted as being completely clump-free, so you won’t have to worry about blobs of mascara clinging to your lashes. Offering the double ability to add both length and volume to lashes, this mascara is definitely worth a try.

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    The L’Oreal Voluminous 4x Mascara offers an even more amped up version of what the Maybelline Volum Express claims to deliver. Boasting the ability to thicken eyelashes by four times their original volume, this mascara comes with a large, fluffy brush which looks like it’d be pretty resilient when it comes to boosting the thickness of your lashes.

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    Yves St Laurent Infini Curl Volumising Mascara is a product designed for those who are interested in investing in luxury and slightly off-beat products. Designed by the renowned French fashion house, this mascara comes in shades of green, burgundy or blue, with a beautiful gold casing – thus the hefty price tag. In addition to giving your lashes length and curl, the added colour factor is bound to impress.

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    Revlon Luxurious Lengths comes from the tried and tested cosmetics brand that has been around for an incredibly long time (and is thus fairly experienced in the art of cosmetics production). Offering to lengthen lashes luxuriously, this could be the mascara for you if you are looking to boost your pale, thin eyelashes.

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