How to Stage a Beauty Pageant

It is not easy to plan a beauty pageant. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. The planning phase starts months before the main event is to take place. There are a lot of questions to be answered: who are the participants? What are the rules? Dates? Venue?  What is the motive behind the event? So on and so forth. If you have been given this task, read on below to find useful tips to make your event a success.


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    The first step is to deal with money. You need to project what the event will cost in total and how much money you have on hand. Make sure to make pessimistic approximates as there are many miscellaneous unseen costs. Include in this the money prizes you will give and the money spent on giving trophies, tiaras etc.

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    What sort of an event you are holding will determine the type of venue you need. Usually the ballrooms of hotels are a perfect place to have a beauty pageant. If you are low on budget, it can be held in school auditorium or community halls. So take a look at the number of expected guests and the money before booking. Once you make the booking, the date of the event will be set.

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    Decide the plan of the event. It includes the different segments: formal wear, talents, swimsuit round and question answers. Also decide upon the different awards you will be giving: best skin, best dress, beautiful smile, best hairstyle etc. Then decide the criteria on which you will be judging, dos and don’ts of the event, registration fees etc.

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    Team and sponsors

    You need some unbiased and well reputed judges for the pageant. If you can find some fashion related person or celebrity, it will help in advertising the event. There are 3-4 judges required and a host who will be conducting the event. A host is an important part as he/she can make the show interesting or boring. You will also need a team to do the decor, manage snacks, registrations, score keepers etc. do not forget to search for good sponsors. They give funds for different segments and will help keeping the budget aligned.

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    After you are done planning the event, it needs to be advertised. The advertisement should be comprehensive: date, location, rules and prizes all should be mentioned. The registration procedure should be in detail. Make some pamphlets and fliers. Distribute them in the community: schools, colleges, eat outs etc.

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