How To Cover Up Tan Lines with Makeup

If you have tan lines, many outfits will not look good when you wear it. Tan lines can be frustrating because they can effectively ruin a party or any other event you had been planning for days. No doubt you will like covering the tan lines before you can leave.

Covering tan lines is as easy as pie. You definitely do not need to go to a beauty salon in order to get tan lines masked because it is something you can do yourself utilising a few make up products.

Things Required:

– Sunblock
– Makeup concealer
– Powdered bronzer
– Translucent body powder
– Makeup brushes (Large and small)


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    Before you apply any of the makeup products to cover up tan lines, put the sunblock on. The sunblock will avoid further skin damage from ultraviolet radiations even if you go out in the open.

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    Using a small makeup brush, apply a layer of makeup concealer to the tan lines. Tan lines would be easy to cover up if you apply a thick concealer layer. Make sure that the colour of the concealer matches the colour of your tan lines.

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    Now you need to blend the concealer with the rest of your skin or else it will look out of place. Use powdered bronzer for the job. Apply it over the top of the tan lines using a makeup brush. Use a bronzer which has shimmer added to it because the shimmer will reflect light, effectively making it difficult to notice the tan lines.

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    For a finishing touch, use translucent body powder. Dust it over and around the tan lines using a large makeup brush or a powder puff. The powder prevents makeup from rubbing off on your clothes.

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    If you do not have much time and want to hide the tan lines while you are on the go, consider buying Jergens sunless tanner. It is an all-in-one solution to get rid of tan lines but make sure you do not use too much of the product or else your skin will turn orange.

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    If you are planning to stay outside overnight, take your makeup supplies with you because you may need a touch-up.

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