How to Choose the Right Foundation

Once you have figured out which foundation is perfect for your skin, you will notice how all the blemishes and imperfections can be hidden. Moreover, the natural tone of your skin will remain intact. You simply need to select the right shade and the right type and everything will look natural and your skin will not even get damaged. Here are a few ways which can help you make a buying decision regarding your foundation.


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    First, you need to determine which type of skin you have. This will help you pick one type from different categories of foundations available. There are several kinds of foundations available in the store, covering all types of skins. For instance, for combination skin you can always use pressed powder foundation.

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    You must test the new foundation before choosing it. In order to do that, wash your face thoroughly. Make sure that you clean your face and moisturize it perfectly. There should be no powder, make-up or old foundation already on your face or it will change the color of the new one.

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    If you are going into the store for the very first time, yellow is the of foundation that you should pick. It is the basic undertone for humans, irrespective of the skin type.

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    You must blend the foundation thoroughly. This is absolutely necessary. If you are using a water-based foundation, you will notice how the color changes once it becomes dry.

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    You cannot judge whether the type of foundation you have chosen is right for you or not while you are sitting under a roof with lots of lights on your face. For an all-natural look, you must test the color of the foundation under broad daylight. Go out and see a mirror in order to keep a check on your skin tone. This will help you understand whether the foundation you have chosen is good for you or not.

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    The foundation you choose must look natural. A few women make this mistake of selecting a color which looks unusual on their skin tone and the end result comes in the form of an artificial and over the top look. Ideally, it shouldn’t show that you are wearing something on your face.

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