How to Stop Nosebleeds Caused By Nose Hair

An unexplained nosebleed is something that people suffer after they trim their nose hair. If you are facing the same problem while you wash your face or when you gently blow your nose, then you should seriously think of finding the best way by which you can stop the bleeding.

The nosebleeds can be caused by remaining stubbles that left out inside the nose after you trim nose hair. When you wash your face or blow your nose gently, the nostril gets depressed, which allows the nose studs to penetrate through the septum. As a result, the scratches allow the blood to come out, which sometimes also causes pain.

Therefore, you should be very careful when you trim your nose hair, as it is one of the main reasons behind nosebleeds. There is not any hard way of stopping the nosebleeds caused by nose hair. In fact, some precautions can also make you feel comfortable and get rid of nosebleeds on regular basis that are caused by nose hair.


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    The best way to stop nosebleeds cause by nose hair is to stop trimming your nose hair. Most people trim their hair as they do not want them to get visible from the nostril. In the meantime, others do it as they feel a little difficulty in blowing their nose. However, the irritation and issue that they face while their nose bleeds is far worse then taking precautionary measures.

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    If you want to trim you nose hair anyway, then you should try to pluck the ones that are at the opposite side of where the bleeding occurs. That will stop the nose stubs to penetrate into the septum. Yet, you will then have to pluck the hair at least twice a week, in a bid to avoid further bleeding. Otherwise, the nose hair will grow, which will again work the same way as when they get trimmed.

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    If you are facing the problem for the first time, then you can also try applying a moisturising lotion near the affected area. Make sure you do not apply the lotion on the area where the bleeding starts, because it will to start to itch. However, applying near the affected area will prevent the bleeding. In case the bleeding does not stop, then you should seriously think about consulting with a doctor.

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