How to Use a Shaving Brush

Shaving with a shaving brush is a tried and tested method to create a rich lather that is optimal for a close, clean shave. Shaving brushes use badger hair to retain and absorb water, which when combined with a shaving cream or soap, allows the water to slowly mix with the shaving substance of your choice. Using a shaving brush is not difficult, nor is it time consuming.

Things Required:

– shaving brush
– glycerine based shaving cream or soap
– shaving bowl (or any small ceramic or porcelain bowl)


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    Wet the Brush

    Once you have purchased your shaving brush, you should wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry before using it.

    Before each shave, soak your brush in hot water to allow it absorb as much water as possible. This soaking can be done either in a sink filled with water or a shaving bowl. A shaving bowl is any ceramic bowl that allows you to mix and create shaving cream. Any regular small bowl can be used.

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    Prepare Your Face

    Before each shave, you should expose your face to plenty of warm water. The easiest and most effective thing to do is shower prior to shaving. This allows you to wet your face with hot water. Hot water relaxes your muscles, softens your hairs and opens your pores. All are ideal for shaving.

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    Shake and Ready

    Once you are ready to shave, shake the brush to get rid of excess water. The brush should still remain slightly wet, however no water should be dripping from the brush. It is easier to add water later in the process than try to deal with excessive water.

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    Apply Your Product

    Whether you are using a shaving soap or a cream, now is the time to apply the product to the brush. Shaving cream should be applied at the top of the brush and 1 cm of it should be sufficient.

    As for shaving soap, open the top of the soap container and swirl the top of the brush into the container until it is lightly covered by the soap.

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    Create the Lather

    Now is the most important step in the process. You can either create a rich later in a shaving bowl (recommended) or directly onto your face.

    For the shaving bowl, swirl the brush into the bottom of the bowl gently. While swirling, begin to apply more pressure progressively. Lift the brush periodically to allow more air into the lather.

    If applying directly to your face, begin by moving up and down slowly while applying gentle pressure. Move from one side of your face to the other.

    The lather should be thick and white. The ideal consistency should be similar to meringue on a pie. If it is too bubbly or light, you should add a bit more cream or soap and rework the lather. If it is not lathering well, consider adding a few drops of water. This trial and error provides good practice for understanding how to create the perfect lather.

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    Apply to Your Face

    Use brush strokes that go up and down to apply the lather to your face. Ensure that an even and thick coat covers all the areas you want to shave.

    The up and down motion exfoliates dead skin cells off your face while also elevating the hairs making them easier to shave off closely.

    You are now ready to shave your face. Enjoy!

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