How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Oral hygiene is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. Since teeth are prone to carrying germs and bacteria, it is of umpteenth importance that proper care is taken of them. It is quite simple and anyone can do it with most basic of products available in homes generally. Stick to a few good habits and your teeth should remain healthy for ages.

Things Required:

– Tooth Paste
– Tooth Brush
– Floss
– Mouth Wash


  • 1

    Rinse Often

    Make it a habit to rinse your mouth every time you consume a beverage or eat something. Make sure that you do so in the first ten minutes of the consumption to reap maximum benefits. This will help you in washing away whatever residue is left on your teeth. It will not allow a buildup of plaque and germs in your mouth as well. Luke warm water is ideal for this purpose.

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    Brush Your Teeth

    Do this twice a day, once in the morning before you consume any food and then before going to bed. The reason you should brush before eating or drinking in the morning is that it will help you in brushing away all the germs buildup during the night’s sleep.

  • 3


    It is a good way of keeping those fibres of food out of your teeth. It is also important for your health in general. Research has shown that flossing regularly reduces the chances of heart disease. It can also help in keeping the gums in place.

  • 4

    Mouth Wash

    Mouth wash should be used sparingly contrary to common belief. Ideally use them if your breath smells bad due to the germ buildup in mouth or you are having some kind of dental trouble which requires you to use it. In either of the cases, it should work well but ideally should not be used for more than two weeks consecutively.

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    Avoid too much Sugar

    If you consume food and beverages with a lot of sugar, it will be a problem for your teeth. Make sure that you consume them in moderation and follow the above mentioned guidelines to reduce potential damage caused to your teeth.

  • 6

    See Dentist

    Even if you do not have any dental issues, see a dentist one to two times a year. They can help you in maintaining your teeth and in case there is an issue, they can correct that as well.

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