How to Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Face

Getting rid of the unwanted brown spots on face is a time consuming process but not difficult at all. Although brown spots on face are not harmful at all but they can affect your personality as they are clearly visible to the external world, who ask many questions regarding the blemishes. In addition to that, these spots make you feel older than your actual age. Sun exposure, Genetics, Menopause, hyper-pigmentation, Liver disease, Pregnancy, Hormones, Birth control pills, Improper skincare, excessive use of low quality commercial products, Aging, Application off harsh chemicals, Result of acne and Stress give birth to brown spots. There are many cosmetic treatments available for brown spots on face but no doubt these treatments are quiet expensive. Therefore, it is better to go for home and natural remedies for brown spots, which are useful as well as cost effective.


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    Home Remedies to get rid of Brown Spots on Face

    Home remedies are very easy to make and give you effective results against the ugly brown spots on face. Go through the simple home remedies given below and get rid of brown spots:

    Apply fresh lemon juice

    Take a fresh lemon and squeeze its juice thoroughly. Apply this juice to the brown spots with cotton balls and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash with cold water and wipe your face dry with soft tissue.

    Apply fruit and vegetable masks

    Take equal quantity of apricots,cucumbers, strawberries,  and red currant and mash them properly until a paste is formed. Apply this mask once in a day until you get the desired results.

    Wash the brown spots with sour milk

    Sour milk serves as one among the very useful solutions for reducing brown spots on your face. Sour milk contains Lactic acid that is very effective in peeling of skin without any hypersensitivity or dryness.

    Apply Honey

    Take one-teaspoon honey and stir half teaspoon of wheat germ into it. Now, gently apply it to the brown spots on your face and wait for few minutes. Wash the honey paste off with mild water and rinse with cold water.

    Apply Horseradish juice

    Daily apply some of Horseradish juice on your face, leave it for few minutes until dry, and wash with cold water to remove brown spots on your face.

    Apply Yellow Mustard mask

    Add one teaspoon of yellow mustard in milk and stir it with spoon until thick. Apply this paste to your face before going to bed in the evening and wash it with milk water early in the next morning.

    Use seed paste

    Take a container of an electric blender and place equal quantity of sesame and turmeric seeds in it. Grind them at high speed for 1 to 2 minutes or until powder is formed. Place the sesame-turmeric seed mixture in a medium mixing bowl and pour some water in it. Stir it vigorously for few minutes and directly apply it to your brown spots with the tips of your fingers. Wait until dry, wash off with cold water, and see the difference.

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    Natural Remedies to get rid of Brown Spots on Face

    Natural remedies usually take time to show their results but are costless and very useful against the brown spots. These remedies not only remove the brown spots but also enhance the texture of your facial skin.

    Drink plenty of water

    Water is one among the best natural remedies for brown spots. Start drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and enjoy the brown spots disappearing gradually.

    Eat vegetables and fruits

    Vegetables and fruits are full of useful ingredients, which are useful for all kinds of skin problems. Cut down the use of spicy and junk food and crease the intake of fruits and vegetables for visible results.

    Do not rub the brown spots on your face

    Make sure not to touch or rub the brown spots on your face as they can leave marks on your skin.

    Live stress free life

    Stress is one among the main causes of the brown spots; therefore, make sure to live a stress free life for healthy skin.

    Daily exercise and deep breathing

    Start exercise on daily basis. However, if you do have the exercise equipments or cannot afford gym, then long walk is the best costless exercise. At the end of exercise, wait for few minutes and take a fresh bath. In addition to exercise, you can practice deep breathing by taking in oxygen through nose, holding if for few seconds, and releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) through mouth.

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    Apply sunscreen lotion

    Sunscreen lotion, also known as sun block, with proper quantity of SPF play vital role in blocking the ultra violet rays, which are another main cause of brown spots.

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    Consult your Dermatologist

    The brown spots on your face should have gone at the end of the application of the above home and natural remedies. However, if you are still suffering from them for any reason, then do not waste time, consult the best dermatologist (skin specialist) of your area, and discuss your problem.

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