How to Build a Finnish Sauna At Home

Saunas have been mostly used by Scandinavian countries and primarily in Finland. Nowadays, Saunas are very popular in five star hotels, resorts and other touring places. They have been used by a wide variety of people for more than centuries. Saunas require a bigger space and can be installed or built in your washroom. Now, one can easily purchase a sauna and have it fixed in his/her washroom. Nevertheless, the saunas used in hotels are very different from the traditional saunas but, there is not fixed design for a Sauna.


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    In order to build a Finnish Sauna at your home, the foremost important thing is to have a big sized washroom. Note that Saunas cannot be built in a small area, so you must have full size space available for it.

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    In order to be precise, you must check the internet or visit some shops that sale Saunas to have a better idea of it. This will also help you in doing any modifications, if you desire. You must keep in mind that your bathroom should not be rectangular as a square shape is recommended for sauna. After you have decided the design and modifications, you must use a framing lumber to create the Sauna structure and do not forget to perform the outside padding of the walls.

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    To make a flawless Sauna, you must make sure that the size is accurate and install the interior padding of the walls. The structure of the Sauna should be linked with a door and you must watch out for its finishing.

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    In general, Saunas give a wooden look therefore you must find the appropriate material for cedar padding. After you have chosen the colour of your choice, make sure it goes with your room colour and does not look odd when the door is opened. You should use cedar padding on the ceiling, walls and floor.

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    Find a place to install two benches. Height of one bench should be lower while the other bench should be at least to your waste.  Remember that, installing stove is the most important part of building a Sauna, so you should do it.

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    A stove is used to keep the area warm otherwise there would be no logic of building a Sauna at home. To make sure that your Sauna retains heat, you must place big stones on top of the stove to fill it.

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