How to Make Neck Look Longer

The length of your neck plays vital role in enhancing your overall personality. Therefore, both men and women love the idea of having a longer and slimmer neck for a perfect look. Unluckily many people feel their neck is too short or too heavy, making their shoulders look wide due to which their stature appear short. However, do not worry as there are many simple methods to make your neck look longer and graceful.

Go through the simple and to the point methods given below to make your neck to look longer.


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    Try collars and necklines to make your neck look longer

    You can make your neck look longer by wearing necklines and collars. For example, V-necks, crew neck, sweetheart necklines, round neck tops, U-necks and scoop neck shirts or blouses expose the bottom of your neckline, giving the illusion of longer and slimmer neck.

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    Try some neck accessories to make your neck look longer

    Neck accessories also play a vital role in giving a perfect shape to your neck, enhancing its length. You can wear necklaces that go down below your collarbone, which is a long bone of short length that plays a role of a support between the scapula and the sternum. In addition to necklaces, you can wear medium sized vertically hanging earrings or long pendants in order to make your shorter neck appear slimmer.

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    Grow out your hair to make your neck look longer

    Women can make their neck look elongated by cutting their hair above their shoulders, making their earlobes and the jaw line able to be seen. Pixie haircut, and all bob cuts are the perfect examples of such hair cut. On the other hand, same is the rule for men, who can consider short hair styles like fades, and crew cuts etc.

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