How to Have a Color Makeover for spring

Spring is a time of change and renewal when you can finally wake up after a dismal winter. It is the time to throw away heavy coats and bring back freshness and bright colours to your life just like the nature.

This season can prove out to be a good time to add colors and style to your image because it is believed that even small changes can affect your mood, attitude to life and can give you strength beyond any doubt. Change of image is necessary not always for the fashion trends but to cheer up yourself and to attract people around you.


  • 1

    Try to radically change your hairstyle come this spring. Stylists recommend updating the image every six months. So, you need to prepare for the season by changing the colour of hair. It will be a good incentive to get up every morning and enjoy a little change. Secondly, you can play around with the length of hair. If you cannot make such drastic measures, pick up some hair ornaments such as hair clips, ribbons or headbands.

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    Try to master new techniques of makeup. On the internet you will find many videos and classes, telling you briefly about how to apply makeup.

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    If you have never used mascara, eye-liner or a shadow on the eyes, it’s time to try! Take a picture after trying something different and then you can evaluate which thing looked perfect on you.

  • 4

    Update your wardrobe by removing all the jackets and the coats after winter in order to refresh the image. Try to include more bright clothing in the wardrobe. In addition, manufacturers offer a variety of means to care for the most whimsical fabrics that can be used at home. If your budget does not include the cost of major new wardrobe, update your old stuff. They may be altered or decorated with simple fashionable techniques.

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    The risk of falling down on the snow reduces on a wide scale after the end of winter. So, you can try new shoes. Wear high heels and try to reveal your legs more often.

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    Purchase accessories to give a decent complement to the new look. In addition, you can create them with your own hands. Refer to the Internet, you'll find a lot of information.

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