How to Remove Self-Tanning Streaks

Almost all people who get self-tanning suffer from its streaks and blotches. Although these blotches or streaks do not last longer than a week, you can use alternative remedies to get them removed even earlier. For example, use of baking soda is one of the effective methods for removal of self-tanning streaks. Also, you may get some good streaks removal products from the market. They are equally good in producing quick impact on your body, to give it one shade of self-tanning, instead of zebra like streaks.


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    Exfoliation is one solution to remove self-tanning blotches, streaks and even dead skin. Use an exfoliating cloth or sponge to treat your skin. Once you are done, you can see that the streaks have almost vanished and your body is cleaned, smooth and touchable.

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    Baking Soda

    Use moistened baking soda as an exfoliating scrub. Use either a piece of cloth or sponge to scrub your body. It can help you get perfect result, since it is as an effective solution to many skin problems, except for sensitive areas like face. Baking soda is too harsh for these areas.

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    Rubbing Alcohol

    Use of alcohol on your body to remove streaks is the most effective and quickest solution. Use a piece of cloth or sponge to clean the areas of your body that have developed steaks and get a perfect result. Make sure you avoid alcohol reaching near to your eyes and face.

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    Lemon Juice

    Dip a piece of soft cotton cloth and use over skin areas with streaks. Lemon juice is good for your skin treatment and works as effectively as any other remedy. Do not rub lemon juice at the same place repeatedly, it can damage your skin, instead of treating it.

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    Commercial Removal Products

    If you feel that no home remedy is effectively treating your skin, you may try commercial products that are available in the market. They are effective solutions to treat streaks on your body. However, make sure you do not pick the product that has higher chemical solution. It can damage your skin. Also, check before use that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients that have been used in formulation of this product.

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