How to Wear Leggings in the winter

If you are looking to add some flair to your winter wardrobe, one of the best ways to do so is to have leggings of different colors and fabrics. In the cooler regions of the world, winter clothing can be so heavy at times that it can badly hamper your personal style. You can easily get bored of wearing jeans and heavy pants monotonously.

In such a scenario, you may opt to go for leggings, which can add an extra-ordinary touch to your appearance. By wearing leggings underneath, you open up your options for some non-traditional winter clothing like skirts.


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    Choose leggings

    Leggings are readily available at stores. While choosing a legging to wear in winters, you must ensure that it is made of a thick fabric, instead of a thin one. Apart from the fact that leggings made of thick fabric will shield you from the cold, they will last longer and will survive multiple washings. Thick leggings also offer support to some parts of the body like hips, thighs, knees and calves.

    Leggings made of thin fabric do not last that long and will cost you a lot because you may have to buy a number of them every season.

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    Wear over-sized sweaters with the leggings

    Many people often wear pants on top of the leggings to counter the cold weather. However, if your climate is not as cold and you do not want anything additional, you may just wear leggings.

    However, in that case you have to be very selective about the other clothes. Most experts recommend over-sized sweaters and long-sleeved thick shirts. Leggings look extremely attractive if worn with roomy tops.

    By wearing leggings with tight and short sweaters, you will look very odd. However, there has to be a nice balance as the sweater or the shirt must not fall past the mid-thigh region.

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    Color of the leggings

    The color of your leggings should be darker than your sweater or the shirt. Most stylish women prefer solid black or dark gray. Your thighs will appear to be thicker if the color of your legging is lighter than the top.

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