How to Wax Facial Hair

Facial hair are great embarrassment for women and put a dent on a their outlook, persona and self-confidence. Genetic reasons and hormonal disorders are termed as main causes of facial hair and electrolysis treatment is regarded as a permanent solution to this problem.  However, you can also opt for more simple and inexpensive solution like Facial hair wax, which can be exercised at home. This cost-effective and quick-fix method can be done by your own self without the help of anybody. All you need to do is purchase a bottle of wax from your cosmetic store and grab a few strips of cloth and follow the below guideline.


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    Finalize as to which wax you intend to use. Waxes vary from being hot or cold and come in varieties depending upon their ingredients and additives. Try out a few till you find the wax that suits you the most.

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    Next, apply the wax to a small portion of your skin in order to check whether it causes any reaction or not. If using a heated wax then this testing would also help to know whether it has the right temperature.

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    Now smear the wax and press a strip of cloth over it so that the wax is smoothed. After a second, pull off the cloth strip with a speedy-jerk so that the wax along with the hair come with it. Make sure you are pulling off the strip in the direction that is opposite to your hair growth. If your facial hair are growing in opposite directions then keep applying the wax again and again to pull out all of them.  For removing hair from above your upper lip, do one side at a time and then the centre of your lip. You would notice redness on your skin, but don’t worry it can be eliminated by applying a lotion on it. This redness will subside within a few hours.

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