How to Alleviate Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a disappointment to wake up to. A number of factors can cause them; lack of sleep, allergies, salt rich diet and stresses being just a few. Though it is better to prevent them in the first place, that dreaded puffy look in the mirror, makes one desperate for effective tips to alleviate them.

Luckily, our kitchens have the best natural medicines. There are many things ways through which one can alleviate the puffiness and soothe the eyes. Most of these tips do not require any medication or chemicals, and use products from the kitchen.


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    The first and very common tip that works for most people is to splash the face with the coldest water one can bear. As soon as you wake up and notice puffy eyes, go to the sink and turn on the cold water. Now splash your face freely with it. If the water is not cold enough, add some ice cubes to a bowl of water and then use it for washing your face. Your eyes will feel the soothing effect of the cold water and there will be a noticeable improvement in the puffiness.

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    The second step uses tea bags available in the kitchen. Take two black tea bags and dip them in water. Now wring them and place them in a bowl to dry up. Place this bowl in the freezer and let the tea bags get chilled well. Take them out of the freezer. Lie down and place them on each of your eyes. Stay like this for five to ten minutes, then remove the tea bags and wash the face with cold water.

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    The third step use cucumber from the vegetable box. Take a cucumber and cut two slices, each ½ inch thick. Lie down and place them on your eyes. Remove them after ten minutes. The cucumber treatment is also good for erasing dark circles.

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    All of the above tips lead to water absorption by the eyes which decreases their puffiness. Drink loads of water and fluids during the day to supply the body internally with sufficient moisture. If the puffiness is due to excess salt intake, the water will help in flushing it out of your system and alleviate the puffiness.

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    If these natural tips do not work, get an aloe based soothing gel and apply it over the eye lids. Massage it in slowly at least twice for reducing the puffiness.

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