How to Be and Feel Beautiful All the Time

“You are beautiful” is the comment that everyone loves to receive but question is that have you made yourself eligible for such statements? The answer lies inside as you will not look beautiful until you feel it and mean it.

Most people think that lots of changes are required to look beautiful but it is absolutely a wrong notion as you can be adorable without changing a single thing. All you need is to get in right frame of mind, take little bit extra care of yourself and trust me you will see the magic prevailing.

Make sure you are consistent in this process and do not take it as medical treatments rather make it a fun activity for you. To look and feel beautiful is just as easy as turning your hand over. A bean job undoubtedly.


  • 1

    Stop morning mourning:

    First of all stop being an ungrateful person. You will have to wake up with a feel of gratitude and contentment. Appreciate your physical beauty in front of bathroom mirror. Light a candle if possible and look at yourself the way you want others to look at you.

  • 2

    Embrace yourself:

    Be yourself, accept yourself the way you have been created by lords own hands. Keep whispering to yourself that you have some significance in this world. You are not here without any purpose. These people depend on you but they don’t want to admit.

  • 3

    Write a love letter:

    I know it’s weird but it is effective. Write a love letter to yourself. Just tell what is the most adorable thing you carry in your personality? You may transform it into a poster and paste it on a board. Take lots of pictures of yourself in different poses and pick the best ones to display. Buy some expensive gift and dispatch it to your address with a margin of couple of days.

  • 4

    Share yourself with others:

    Do not be a miser rather share your beautiful soul with others. Greet everyone with a smile, offer your sincere assistance in case of problem and let the world know how beautiful you are also from inside.

  • 5

    Your body, your buddy:

    Spare some time for your body and take good care of it. Make an exercise routine and follow it strictly. This will not only keep you physically fit but also make you mentally active and strong. Read health magazines or join fitness club to make yourself attractive.

  • 6

    Feed yourself with care:

    Take care of your meals. Eat whatever your heart says but make sure that your food is carrying all the nutritious elements. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and add more and more green colour to your meals.

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