How to Look Good Naked

Being naked in front of someone is all about confidence, which is possible only if you feel good about your own body. Everyone wishes to look gorgeous without clothes if he/she is posing for a photographer or an art class. There are so many people who regularly visit nude beaches and have to show off their bodies to others. However, the desire to look good naked is at its peak when you are baring all for someone really special. Unless or until you have that self belief that you are looking beautiful and your body is not out of shape, you have a great chance of creating an embarrassing scene.


  • 1

    Be confident

    As mentioned above, being naked in front of others is just a mental hurdle. If you are not confident, there are chances that people are going to stare at you even more. Just be your natural self and remember that every person of your gender has the same body parts and there is nothing to feel shy about. In fact, you are more close to nature without clothes. If you are on a nude beach or taking a shower with people, remember that if you mind your own business and look relaxed, people will barely notice you.

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    Feel beautiful

    There are many people, who actually look quite good naked but they suffer from an inferiority complex. Therefore, you should be confident of what you are and should not hesitate showing off your body.

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    Use a fragrance

    If you are naked, your body scent will be more prominent. Use a nice deodorant to make sure you look and smell good.

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    Use lighting to good effect

    It is imperative for you to use lighting to good effect. Do not have any kind of glaring overhead lights on while taking off your clothes. Human body looks a lot more attractive in dim and soft lights. If possible, you should use candle lights.

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    Use light make-up

    You should apply some make-up, especially on your face. Try to cover any kind of wrinkles if you have. However, avoid heavy make-up and try to look as natural as possible.

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