How to Twist a Towel Turban

Twisting a towel seems like an easy thing to do, even though it is not. It requires a lot of skill to wrap a turban around your head with a towel.

The turban is important for women, and even for men who have long hair. It allows you to dry up your hair without the aid of any electrical appliances. The hairdryer really weakens your hair and you need to learn how to tie a towel turban in order to avoid any hair fall.


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    Damp hair

    For starters, you need to make your hair go wet. This will really help you make a turban easily. It will be convenient for you if you try to make a turban after you have taken a shower. That way the towel turban on your head will really help you make your hair go dry. Therefore, first, take a shower and shampoo your hair perfectly. Right after your have rubbed towel on your hair put the towel on your head and then position yourself to make the perfect turban.

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    Head position

    After you are done with rubbing your hair with the towel, lower your neck and look down so that the towel falls from behind your head from both the sides. You should be sure that both the ends which are falling before your eyes are at an even level so that the turban is not uneven and it is not difficult for you to make.

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    After you are done with positioning your head perfectly, grab both the ends of the towel and then take them up on your head and now is the time for you to twist the towel. Keep twisting the towel until it perfectly fits around your head. Be sure that you do not tighten the grip too much, as it will get a little uncomfortable for you.

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    Put your head straight

    Now when you finally know that you have tightened the turban perfectly, now is the time for you to raise your neck. Make sure that you are grabbing the towel from the top so that the turban does not collapse. Just when your neck is straight back up, try to twist the towel again so that it is tight enough for you and you can walk while you have the turban up your head. Twist the towel a little more so that it is tight again.

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