How to Be Plump and Pretty

In this judgmental world, being plump, chubby or fat can be a big disadvantage. There can be many reasons why people, especially women can be fat, pregnancy flab being one of the major one. However, people are quick to judge a chubby person, and the general impression is that you cannot be plump and pretty at the same time.

That is not the case. If you are fat for whatever reason, sure you should try to get in shape, but it is not something that should create an inferiority complex in you. After all, a major portion of who you are, starts with your mind, and it is should be strong enough to resist the vile attitudes of society. There are also some tricks which can help you have a better appearance and rejuvenate your personality. Remember, the key is to believe in yourself and make an effort to be better.


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    Take normal healthy diet

    Excessive dieting is one of the most common side effects of depression in fat people. The practise is disastrous for your health. The type of food we eat not only determines the calories we take inside, but also provided us with essential nutrients which help in the production of various enzymes necessary for our body. By shunning food, you can deprive our body of those essential nutrients and rather than making the body more attractive, all you will be doing is to increase its problems. The most apparent side effect of dieting is that it takes the glow of your face, and dark circles begin to appear below the eyes.

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    Make the hair look attractive

    Hair is one of the most prominent features of a person’s body, and by taking good care of them you can easily divert the attention to them.

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    Have your signature style

    There is no restriction on fat people to be stylish. Sure, not all the clothes available at trendy shops will fit, but that should not stop you from adding class to your wear, scent and accessories.

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    Correct your bearing

    We have discussed before that people love to judge you by the way you look. You can’t change that, but can use it to your advantage, by maintaining a good posture and keeping your head high. You should appear confident and secure, and not somebody who has the load of whole world on his/her shoulders.

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    Drink plenty of water

    Drink a lot of water, about 15-20 glasses per day. This will add to the glow on your face and keep your stomach full.

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