How to Reduce Facial Hair Growth

Unwanted facial hair are one of the most frustrating things happening to most of the people around the world. There are different treatments available and some of them are really effective. In the world of medicines the most effective solution is the laser treatment. Apart from that there are other treatments as well including herbal treatments and other temporary solutions like waxing or threading.

Whatever treatment you are planning to undergo, it is always better to undergo a research on your own. Request for some advice from the people around you and then select an option that showed up the most successful results.


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    Go for Herbal Treatment:

    A- It is usually seen that having spearmint added in your diet will enable you to reduce hair growth on your face and will also help you not to develop more facial hair in future. It has been proved through a research conducted in the UK (published in February 2010 in journal Phytotherapy Research) that said that spearmint has the potential to be an effective natural treatment for the reduction of hair growth.

    B- Taking Chasteberry early in the morning before breakfast is another herbal remedy to reduce facial hair.

    C- A study published in October-November 2004 in the journal Steroids showed that Licorice is very effective herb in the reduction of unwanted hair growth.

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    Control Hormonal Imbalance:

    Sometimes hormonal imbalance causes the growth of unwanted hair on face. So it is recommended to know whether it's harmonal imbalance or not. To find out so, you'll need to visit doctor and get some tests done. If diagnosed, take the prescribed medicine.

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    Improve Your Diet:

    Whether or not it's hormonal imbalance, proper diet is required to keep your body functions on right track. We all know that we are what we eat! So make sure to take healthy food only. For instance, there is a vice of hormonal injected poultry all around the world that most of us eat. They are injected with hormones so that the chicken may grow overnight without consuming their own energy. These hormonal injected chickens when eaten by humans create the same hormonal imbalance in them as was once created in the food that they have just taken.

    Similarly there're lot of other food items that are not good for health, so chose wisely!

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    Think of Laser Treatment:

    The hair that are unwanted and have been treated once and still are on your face cannot be removed by eating herbal products or improving your diet or taking any hormonal medications. Those hairs are now a part of your face and cannot be undone. The only thing that helps you permanently reduce the hair growth is a laser treatment.

    Note that it does not promise to remove  hair permanently but it reduces hair growth permanently. Depending upon the growth of hair, there are many sessions if the results are not immediate. The downtime sometimes lasts over night or even for 2-3 days with a temporary reddening or swelling on the face but the good news is that the hair growth is reduced to a great extent. If you have thick wallet and are willing to tolerate the pain then visit a renowned skin specialist who will further guide you in this regard.

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    Other Temporary Solutions:

    There are some temporary solutions to reduce hair growth including threading waxing or plucking with tweezers. This solution is not at all expensive and also the results are immediate but are temporary. Waxing on the other hand lasts longer then other methods as it nicely pulls the hair from the root.

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