How to Look Younger Than You Are

Stressful modern pace of life, environmental problems and economic crisis affects a woman’s appearance. The beauty of the female body is the centre of everybody’s attention and women, especially middle-aged, want to look younger.

Every woman has been blessed with natural beauty. However, not everyone knows how to use this gift properly.

As time goes by, it leaves its mark on the face and body. However, there are secrets that can help women to cheat time, slow down the ageing process to look younger and grab the attention of others. Surprisingly, most of the procedures can be done at home.


  • 1

    Be cheerful and optimistic. Discontented expression, grief and hopelessness can destroy even younger face. If you smile or laugh, do it from the heart. General positive attitude can help you remain young for many years.

  • 2

    Watch your health. Remember to go for monthly check-ups, take vitamins and do exercise especially in the morning. Sport not only helps to strengthen the muscles of the body but is beneficial for slowing down aging signs. It will help you to keep the body elastic and making the complexion bright. For the same purpose, remember to take a shower everyday and wash your face with cold water.

  • 3

    Choose the right hairstyle. Short or medium-length hair can make a person look fresher. Proper make-up is another key to look young and the best option is to try a couple lighter shades than the natural colour of the hair.

  • 4

    Dress according to the age. This does not mean that you have to abandon the idea of wearing beautiful clothes in a certain period of life. You just need to be sensible in choosing clothes. Pick clothes that emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses and help you in looking sophisticated and stylish at the same time.

  • 5

    Pick anti-ageing cosmetics series, use serums and apply the mask when necessary. Visit beauty salons for more effective anti-ageing treatments. Schedule a massage, with it you can not only improve health but also helps you in getting rid of wrinkles and giving you a fresher look.

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