How to Measure Face Angle

For most of us determining our face shape is not really something important. Of course, who would want to spend time knowing what his or her face shape is like. Just a quick look in the mirror would give you an idea of what face shape you have, is not it? However, that is not the case. Mostly, we fail to determine our actual face shape, as it remains hidden with our hairdos and accessories. You will have to put in some efforts in order to determine your actual face shape.


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    Start by placing yourself in front of a clear mirror. Make sure the lighting in the room or the bathroom is good enough for you to see things clearly. You will have to watch out for every detail so clear lighting is a must.

  • 2

    Get a measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pen to jot down the measurements of your face.

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    Now, take the measuring tape and measure across the top of your cheekbones. You should be placing the measuring tape’s end at the outer corner of your eye.

  • 4

    Next, carefully take the tape in a straight line across your nose to the extent where it passes the outer corner of your other eye. Make sure you do not let the tape lift off your skin while doing this.

  • 5

    The tape at this point should be at the top of your cheeks or cheekbones. Now, take the measures and write them down.

  • 6

    Next, start measuring your jaw line. You will have to start on the base of your jaw, near the ear. Measure both sides from the bottom of the ear to the chin.

  • 7

    Add both these measurements and write them down on the paper.

  • 8

    Measure your forehead next by placing the tape on either side of the forehead just before the top of the ear. Bring the tape towards the centre your eye and multiply the measurement by two. This will be the overall measurement of your forehead.

  • 9

    Now, measure the total length of your face by starting at the centre of your hairline down to your chin. Make sure you are not letting the tap lift off your skin. This will be the length of your face.

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