How to Clean Your Face with Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil, a colorless and odorless liquid put together from distilled petroleum, is among the main ingredients of beauty products. You might be among people with a misconception that mineral oil contains carcinogen, an agent directly involved in causing cancer. However, that is not the reality as many prestigious cosmetic companies have been using this product in the preparation of their cosmetic products. The biggest proof is the analysis of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG’s) Cosmetic Safety Database report of July 2010, which clearly says that Mineral Oil has been listed as the main ingredient of 700 cosmetic products, 276 moisturizers and 110 facial treatments.

Hence, mineral oil is carcinogen-free and therefore can be used in cleaning your face as it plays a vital role in maintaining the natural lubrication of your skin. It gets into the tiny pores of your facial skin, dissolves the impurities, and feeds the skin’s antioxidants in order to keep it healthy and wrinkle free. Do not waste time, get an idea from the listed steps and clean your face with Mineral Oil.

Things you will need to clean your face with mineral oil:
– Soap or Face-wash
– Water
– Towel or Tissue paper
– Mineral Oil


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    First of all, pin up all your hair with some bobby pins, hair band, or a hair catcher so that they do not disturb you while cleaning your face. Cover the hair with a towel if possible.

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    Wash your face with a face-wash or soap that you usually use in daily life. Massage in circular strokes for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse off with plain cold or lukewarm water.

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    Once you rinse your face thoroughly, dry it with a towel or tissue paper. Just put them on the skin. Do not rub extensively.

    Note: Make sure not to rub your facial skin while whipping it dry.

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    Bend the fingers of one of your hand back and pour small amount or a quarter-sized dab of mineral oil into the center of your palm. Gently spread the oil all over your palms and apply it to your face, massaging in circular strokes. Keep rubbing for approximately 20 to 30 seconds until the oil penetrates into the pores of your facial skin.

    Note: Although mineral oil is not toxic at all, but it better to keep your eyes closed during its application in order to avoid any kind of uneasiness.

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    Once again, wash the face with water that isn't too hot or cold and wipe it dry. Enjoy a glowing facial skin!

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